Visual and Data Balance of my 2023

I love the way a number, chart or image can tell you something surprising or insightful about yourself. To get these data self-insights, I have been storing more and more […]

1-27 May | A Month of Unplanned Diversity

May was the most mixed and uncharacteristic month of the Sabbatical. To be expected, since I did little preparing at the end of a family-intense April. To compensate for the […]

01-30 Apr | Seven Optimistic Visits

This post is longer, as it covers an entire month. April was a very different month from March, like March was different from February. I didn’t write a single post […]

15-19 Mar | How do we Reach out to Others?

In these two months of Sabbatical, I have done a lot of different reaching out to others. In brainstorming meetings, in reading several books and listening to podcasts, in writing […]

09-14 Mar | The Brain, ChatGPT and Teams

I finally invested consecutive days in one of my Sabbatical key topics: Complex Systems and Collective Intelligence. This somehow exotic topic comes down to the idea that groups of interconnected […]

25-28 Feb | The Role & Power of Stories

As I was trying to explore visual interfaces to share concepts on Life Planning, I came across the question: “I am trying to communicate a theory or a story?” I […]

18-22 Feb | Two Books on Sustainability

During this five-day family holiday, I finished one book and started another one (that I also finished in fast-reading mode). Was the first reading sprint of my Sabbatic and felt […]

08-09 Feb | 1st meeting on Leave Topics

These two days I did little research and exploration. Family support requests came first (and felt really good to be able to accept them) New Initiative – Organize Living room […]
06 Feb | Kickoff of Notes and Organization
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