A Website to encourage Conversations

This website is managed by me (João Wemans) on a personal basis under the topic “Optimistic Explorations on Life’s Complex Challenges”. The idea is to share in an organized way a selection of content I have built. Much of it originated in and is supposed to trigger conversations so please engage with, share and challenge it! Thanks to all who have and are contributing.

Language: I write in English, although far from perfect, since is the language in which I have learned many of the concepts used here. Para ler em Português podem arriscar a tradução automatica clicando na bandeira no topo à direita

Initial Logic for a Sabbatical

I am doing a sabbatical leave as Director of Eviso SPA from February to the end of May 2023. This website is one of the outcomes of this initiative but it has other dimensions. To follow my experience you can read the Journal Articles.

The initial logic for doing this initiative as it was presented to people around me was the following:

 Why do it?

  • Need unallocated time to grow internally.
  • Challenge the feeling that I need to change my personal strategy to Sufficiency/Efficacy, rather than Efficiency as before. 
  • In order to continue to lead others, I feel I need to invest in being more centered.
  • Part-time is not an easy option for leaders of organizations, so a 100% work leave looked like the solution.
  • It’s not burn-out related, is aspirational and improve related.
  • Feels right and important, as it has already for several semesters.

To do What?

  • Creative: engage in planned personal projects
  • Learn: Read, take courses and connect with other realities.
  • Life Phase Assessment: look back and forward with method.
  • Lifestyle Refresh: kill old and create new habits
  • Connect: be with and support important people around me in new ways.
  • Unexpected: leave room for “whatever feels right”